Actually going to start Teen Wolf now. Wish me luck.

It’s 4pm and I haven’t even got out of my pj’s - today is just not happening.

Productivity to sort my life out in the last month of summer begins tomorrow, now I’m just going to make more coffee, play Sims and watch HIMYM.

I don’t even have the motivation to do any blog posts so Music Monday can just disappear this week. 

The only good thing that will happen today is if my Mum brings home some more Reese’s. Yum.

Just wrote my mum a ‘formal request for coffee at 9am’ - because we communicate through notes.

Just realised I wrote it on the back of our lottery ticket too so it’s a good job we didn’t win owt!

So I think I’ve finally recovered from my epic weekend.

Walking around Sheffield from West Street to Leadmill to London Road to Walkley and various other places and drinking far too much has really knackered me out and my legs do kind of still ache, like they’re vibrating because I’m not moving them or something, idk.

But yes the weekend has been just as amazing as I thought it would be, had an awesome Friday night out for Lindsays birthday and then I spent about 30 hours straight hanging out with Katie, we got to meet and interview some great bands at Tramlines and I discovered some great new music because of it!

The only downer of my day is that I can’t get the admin job where I wanted one for the rest of the summer but I shall keep hunting and keep happy :)

Reallyyyy looking forward to tonight, going to make sure it’s the best birthday ever for Lindsay because she deserves it more than ANYONE.

Then it’s the wonderful Tramlines weekend, get to hang out with Katie, have our special “media breakfast” courtesy of Nokia and hopefully get to interview/meet/see some awesome musicians and it’s all for free, in my own city.

Life is just fabulous sometimes yano.

My hangover has got worse as the day’s gone on, it’s so bizarre.

I felt okay this morning but then I’ve just felt gradually shittier and I fell asleep on the sofa for like 20 minutes so missed the vital parts of a CSI and now I’m wide awake but feel like hurling. I’m also being really needy, like I keep hugging my Mum and got face on when she left to read at 8pm. 

Why do you do this to me alcohol? Why are you not my friend, wahhhhh.

Last night was strange.

I’m wearing camo and tartan today, can’t decide if it works or not.

Luckily I’m not leaving the house so the only person who can judge me is my Mum!

Some additions to the never ending list of things I want:

A new kitten cause even though I love my Bailz she’s grown up now
The courage to get my daisy chain tattoo
The courage to book in and get my hair stripped and dyed red
Enough money to pay for these two things (and for clothes and gig tickets and a holiday - just unlimited cash please)

And for Landon Austin to come to the UK, fall in love with me and be my boyfriend.
He’s my new obsession - Texas accent, dark hair, can sing - LOVE ME. 

If I was skinny enough to wear disco pants I would live in them and be one happy camper.

Alas, I am not. So my camo jacket just has to do. Literally haven’t taken it off except to sleep and to wash it since it arrived.

Now I’m going to pack up my stuff and treck up to Wickersley because I am not paying for the bus anymore. Hope I don’t die cause a significant portion of my journey has no pavement… 

I think next month when I get my bursary money, I’m only going to save £200 of it so I can do some more shopping and make myself happy by buying some things!

I’m dying for these black studded shoes, totally Topshop Vectra dupes and these leopard print moccasins. I also really want a camo jacket and I’ve found an army surplus one for about £20 and then studded leggings because studs on anything make it 10x better.

I’m also probably going to go mental in Desire tomorrow as I love that shop and apparently the Preston one is shutting down so it’s 50% off - this last trip into Preston until September!